Hercules is intuitive and easy to learn, yet feature rich and highly customizable.

Accessible & Intuitive

Information about clients and suppliers is easily accessible through the intuitive online interface.

Streamlined Communication

Setting up projects is easy: With Hercules, project managers can conduct complete projects without having to send a single email manually.

File Management

Sending and receiving files is automated, eliminating the need for email attachments and cumbersome file transfers through FTP. Integration with ownCloud allows PMs to keep project files synchronized with their desktop computers.

Automated Invoicing and Easy Accounting

Invoices from translators are processed automatically, significantly decreasing the administrative burden, saving hours each month and eliminating potential errors. Connect Hercules to QuickBooks for seamless accounting.

Servers in EU and US

Hercules pages are light-weight and load blazing fast. Choose between EU or US deployment and your data will be stored securely in your region only.

Our Story

Our Story

Hercules has been designed and developed by translation industry veterans, and it shows. Every feature is designed to make the life of project managers, translators and clients easier. Other solutions on the market tend to be difficult to learn and can be frustrating to work with, as well as costly. To language service providers that want to reduce administrative overhead, improve productivity and reduce errors Hercules will feel like a breath of fresh air. Hercules is continually updated and improved based on feedback from users who work with the product on a daily basis, handling a wide range of demanding translation projects of all types and sizes.

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