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Why Use a Translation Project Management System?

Translation Project Management for Language Service Providers (LSPs)

When you run a translation or interpreting business, you need a project management tool. But not all translation management tools are created equal. They vary in features, user-friendliness, learning curve, and cost. A good system allows project managers (PMs) to be more efficient and organized. This is achieved by automating tasks, simplifying communication, keeping information organized and making it easily accessible to PMs, clients and vendors. A translation project management system should also carry out currency conversions and calculate fuzzy match discounts. Ideally, it should integrate with accounting software.

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A translation management system should make the PM’s job easier.

Simplify Communication with a Translation Management System

Communicating with clients and vendors is one of the main tasks of a project manager. Having to keep track of emails and texts and voicemail messages is a fast track to missed details. So, it is ideal to have an easily accessible portal where all communication with clients and vendors takes place.

Both clients and vendors should be able to see the details of their translation project. They should be able to send and receive messages, files, and invoices. With Hercules, your clients and vendors can access their projects at any time by logging in to the secure Hercules portal. When a PM assigns a work order, the vendor receives an email with all the relevant details, including word counts, offered rate and deadline. Clients can request and receive quotes and notifications through the portal. Source files, reference files and translated delivery files can be uploaded and downloaded through secure file sharing.

A unique feature of Hercules is that the entire client portal and all client emails can be localized. This is a great advantage for translation companies with international clients and LSPs in non-Anglophone countries.

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The PM’s job is easier because everything is in one place with Hercules.

Software Compatibility

Hercules was built to interface seamlessly with other programs that are essential to a translation business, namely CAT tools and accounting software. Hercules is compatible with CAT tools and prominent accounting solutions. This saves you a lot of time and makes tedious data re-entry a thing of the past. More importantly, re-entering data opens the door for human error. With Hercules, the PM doesn’t have to backtrack and explain mistakes to the client or a vendor. That’s because Hercules minimizes the need for data re-entry, thereby dramatically reducing the potential for mistakes.

Software Compatibility – CAT Tools

CAT discounts for fuzzy matches are an everyday reality for most translation companies. Hercules makes it easy to apply CAT discounts based on fuzzy matches independently for vendors and clients. When creating a work order, simply select the word count analysis file from Trados Studio or memoQ and the weighted word count is updated immediately. No math, no calculator, no data re-entry. This speeds up the overall quote and approval process, giving you a shot at more new projects in a shorter amount of time.

The PM’s job is easier because they don’t have to do the math with Hercules.

Software Compatibility – Accounting Software

Errors in invoices could mean underbilling your clients or being overbilled by vendors, resulting in a blown budget. Hercules integrates with prominent accounting systems like QuickBooks, so you can be confident the numbers are correct. Integration with accounting software helps to decrease potential errors in invoices to clients and invoices submitted by vendors. Hercules makes it very easy to invoice completed projects. When you issue an invoice, Hercules sends it automatically to your accounting system. Likewise, when a vendor submits an invoice, you don’t need to import it into your accounting system – it appears there without any effort on your part.

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The PM’s job is easier because there is less room for human error with Hercules.

Above all, a translation management tool should be user friendly. For clients it should be easy to submit quote requests, upload files and access projects. It should help vendors keep track of deadlines, access files and submit invoices. And it should relieve the burden from the PM: Project management tasks should be automated as much as possible and information should be presented in an organized and logical way. Last but not least, a translation management tool should give the business owner insights into the profitability of the business, split out by time period, client or language pair.

Hercules delivers in all these areas while retaining a simple feel and avoiding gimmicky features. After all, it is better to have a clean and clear layout, than to have a pretty program that leaves you stumped.

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Your PMs will work more effectively because Hercules makes sense.

So, does your translation business need a translation management tool?

Yes! It can be a huge advantage.

The portal simplifies and expedites communication and file sharing with clients and vendors alike.

Integration with other software reduces the potential for human errors in quoting, billing and payments, while speeding up the overall process. Your  project managers, clients and vendors will thank you for choosing Hercules.

So why not ask for a demo or free trial today?