Table of Contents

0. Introduction
  0.1. Setup
1. Project Manager Portal – General Principles
  1.1. PM Dashboard
  1.2. Adding a Client
2. Client Portal
3. Provider Portal

0.1. Setup

This section describes the setup process for Hercules.

Company Settings

When you first start using Hercules, you will want to make sure that your company's details are correct. Click Settings > Company Settings and fill in all relevant fields.

System Settings

After you have saved your company's details, go to Settings > Company Settings. This page allows you to set various system preferences.

Note: If you want to connect Hercules to QuickBooks, please contact Hercules Support to have this option enabled.

Connect to QuickBooks (Optional)

If you wish to use QuickBooks with Hercules, you should contact Hercules Support to enable the QuickBooks integration. Next, select QuickBooks as your accounting system in the System Settings, and click Manage QuickBooks connection under the accounting system drop-down box on the System Settings page. Click the Connect to QuickBooks button and follow the instructions to allow Hercules to exchange data with your QuickBooks account.

Add Project Managers

Now that you have updated the company and system settings, it's time to add project managers to the system. Go to Settings > Add Project Manager and add PMs as required.

Note: The number of project managers you can add may be limited depending on your version.

Add Clients

Clients can be added in 3 ways:

  1. One by one: Click Clients > Add Client, fill in at least the required fields and click Add. Repeat for additional clients.
  2. Import from QuickBooks: When Hercules is connected to QuickBooks, go to Settings > System Settings and click Manage QuickBooks connection. Click QuickBooks Clients, select the clients you want to import and click Import.
  3. Import from a spreadsheet. Please contact Hercules Support for this option.