Table of Contents

0. Introduction
  0.1. Setup
1. Project Manager Portal – General Principles
  1.1. PM Dashboard
  1.2. Adding a Client
2. Client Portal
3. Provider Portal

1.1. PM Dashboard

Menu item: Dashboard

The PM Dashboard consists of the following sections:


By default the options are hidden. Click the gray bar to reveal the PM list. Here you select whose PMs' projects you want to display in the tables below. By default the PM who is logged in is selected, as well as [Unassigned], for projects that do not yet belong to a particular PM.

Two Buttons

The Refresh Data button reloads the page to reflect any changes, but the page will remember:

The Reset Tables button reloads the page but resets it to the default settings.

At the bottom of the page are two identical buttons to the ones at the top.

Project and Work Order Tables

By default, the Dashboard has four tables: Open Projects, Draft Projects, Work Order Overview, and Provider Deliveries. Starting from version 1.11, it is possible to customize the Dashboard and select which tables are shown and in which order, from Settings > System Settings, under the heading PM Dashboard Settings. Starting from version 1.11 there are two more tables that can be selected: Projects in Progress and Delivered Projects. Below are descriptions of all six tables.

For most tables, you can limit the maximum number of rows that will display to 50, 100, 500 or no limit. The default value is 50. Please keep in mind that rows hidden by the filter (see above) are also counted, so that the actual number of rows may be less than the number selected.

Depending on whether or not there are active projects and work orders, not all tables may be visible.

Open Projects

The Open Projects table displays projects with at least one work order with client status Confirmed or Delivered, OR at least one work order with provider status Confirmed, Delivered or Delivered late.

Columns with a white heading cell can be filtered by right-clicking on a cell. For example, to show only projects for client Acme and hide all other clients' projects, right-click on Acme in the Client column. The whole column turns white and all non-Acme projects are hidden. To undo, right-click again on a cell in the filtered column.

Draft Projects

The Draft Projects table displays projects which either do not have work orders yet, or have one or more work orders with client status Draft, Quoted or Rejected, OR provider status Draft, Assigned or Rejected, but no work orders that are Confirmed on either client or provider side, or Delivered late by the provider, as such projects would be considered Open.

Work Order Overview

The Work Order Overview table shows individual work orders which have been Confirmed by the client and have a provider status of Draft, Assigned, Confirmed or Rejected.

Provider Deliveries

The Provider Deliveries table displays individual work orders which are Delivered or Delivered late by providers and have not yet been approved by a PM. Here you can approve provider deliveries, so that they can submit their invoices to you.

When the table Delivered Projects is selected to appear on the Dashboard (go to the System Settings page to make this selection), only work orders linked to projects that do not appear on the Delivered Projects page are shown in the Provider Deliveries table.

Projects in Progress

The Projects in Progress table is the same as the Open Projects table, except that it excludes projects that have been delivered.

Delivered Projects

The Delivered Projects table contains all projects that are completely delivered. Here you can quickly approve provider deliveries as well as your own delivery to the client, so that you can send your invoice for the project to the client and providers can submit their invoices to you.