Table of Contents

0. Introduction
  0.1. Setup
1. Project Manager Portal – General Principles
  1.1. PM Dashboard
  1.2. Adding a Client
2. Client Portal
3. Provider Portal

2. Client Portal

This section describes the client portal. The text of the client portal can be adapted and localized by a PM with admin privileges. The client portal consists of the following sections – Following the menu items from left to right:


The Home page shows a welcome message. Typically, this is the page a client contact sees when he/she first logs in.

Request Quote

In order to request a quote, a client needs to enter the following information (items with a * are required):

If all required fields are filled and the client clicks Submit, a draft projects will be set up and will appear in the table Draft Projects on the PM dashboard (if configured). An email notification will be sent to the Reply Email Address for Projects, set in the Company Settings page in the PM portal. If a default PM / account manager is configured for the client, he/she will also receive this email notification.

Current Projects and Quotes

This page shows a table with projects that are either in progress. The table has the following columns:

Completed Projects

This page shows a table with projects where all work orders are Invoiceable, Invoiced or Cancelled, but with at least one work order Invoiceable or Invoiced. The table is identical to the table on the previous page, except that the status can be Invoiceable, Invoiced, or both for projects with both Invoiceable and Invoiced work orders.

Your Details

This page shows the client's information as it is stored in the database, as well as the information of all client contacts associated with the client.

Our Details

This page displays the translation company's contact information. If an account manager is set for the client, his or her name and contact info are also visible, as well as a picture, if a picture link is saved in the system.

Useful Information

This page contains up to four sections, all of which are completely customizable. The four sections are:

  1. Client-Specific Information – Information that the translation company wants to share with this client specifically
  2. Client-specific files – Files that the translation company wants to share with this client specifically
  3. General Information – Information that is visible to all clients
  4. General files – Files that are visible to, and can be downloaded by, all clients