Table of Contents

0. Introduction
  0.1. Setup
1. Project Manager Portal – General Principles
  1.1. PM Dashboard
  1.2. Adding a Client
2. Client Portal
3. Provider Portal

3. Provider Portal

This section describes the provider portal. Unlike the client portal, the provider portal is always in English. However, the text of the Frequently Asked Questions section is fully customizable by any PM with admin privileges. The provider portal consists of the following sections – Following the menu items from left to right:

Current Work

This page displays a table with all work orders that are in progress, including those that have been assigned but not yet accepted. The Status column shows Assigned for work orders that need to be accepted or rejected, and Confirmed for those that have been accepted by the provider. In addition, if a work order's deadline has passed, the Status column contains the word LATE! in bold typeface. The work order numbers in the left-most column are links to the individual work order pages (see below under Work Order Detail). The other columns are Project (with the project number), Deadline, Delivery (showing date and time of delivery – always empty on this page but present for consistency with the other overview pages) and Amount

Pending Approval

After a provider delivers a work order, it disappears from the Current Work page and appears on the Pending Approval page. The table has the same columns as the Current Work table.


The Invoiceable page is populated by work orders that have been delivered by the provider and have been approved by a project manager. After a project manager approves a delivery, the work order can be invoiced from this page by selecting the work orders that should be included in the invoice (by clicking the checkboxes in the column Include in Invoice), entering a unique invoice number in the text box under the table and clicking the Invoice button. Uploading an invoice file is possible but not required, as the system will generate a PDF invoice and email it to the provider.


The Closed page shows an overview of completed work orders that have been invoiced.


This page may show work orders that were assigned but subsequently cancelled.

Provider Details

Here, providers can view their contact and payment information and download or view their résumé / CV. In the United States, providers can upload their form W-9, which needs to be approved by a project manager before invoicing is enabled.

If any information needs to be updated, providers can make the desired adjustments on this page and click the Update button to record the changes. Changes will only become visible after a project manager approves them.


This page lists all of the provider's rates. Each table row represents one rate. Rates are defined by:

In order to change a rate, providers need to contact a project manager.


The Availability page displays current and future periods of absence. It also allows providers to set date ranges during which they will be unavailable for work.


The Contact page contains basic contact information for the translation company.


The Frequently Asked Questions page is empty by default. It can be used by the translation company to share information about processes, or, indeed, answers to frequently asked questions, with providers.

Work Order Detail

The Work Order Detail page can be accessed by clicking on a WO number in any of the work order overview tables described above. It contains relevant information about an individual work order:

If the work order status is Assigned, work order files can be downloaded and the provider can accept or reject the assignment by clicking Accept or Reject. In case of a rejection, a reason must be specified. In either case, a comment for the PM can be entered.

if the work order status is Confirmed, work order files can be downloaded and processed (e.g., translated) files can be uploaded. When the assignment is complete and all required files have been uploaded, the provider can click Finish to deliver the work order.

Upon clicking Finish, the work order status changes to Delivered or Delivered late, as the case may be. Files can no longer be downloaded.

When the project manager approves the delivery, the work order status changes to Invoiceable and a link to the invoicing page (see Invoiceable, above) appears.

Log out

Click on the Log out link in the upper right to log out and return to the Log in page.

Change password

Providers can click on the Change password link under the Log out link to change their password.